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About CreativityMesh.com

Isn’t it fascinating how our brain can store some of our most complex thoughts, so we can feel emotions and create incredible things? 


about creativity meshHi, my name is Lach Ravelo, and I am the “brain” behind Creativity Mesh. 

I created this blog, so I could share with you the things I learned about the human mind.

I may not be a neuroscientist or a psychologist — but as an architect, copywriter, and dedicated learner — I strive every day to make the most out of my limited brain power so I could continually fuel my ideas.

I know you are, too. 

That’s why I launched this blog to help ordinary people, like you and me, understand the workings of the mind and discover how we can unlock our own potential to be creative and more efficient.



What you will find on this website

Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness our brain’s potential to create incredible things at maximum efficiency? 

That’s why in this blog, you’re going to learn a bunch of stuff like:

  • Tips and tricks to motivate your brain to do more;
  • Productivity hacks so you can use your mental energy the smart way;
  • Some fun facts about the brain;
  • Some mind hacks to improve your mental well-being;
  • Learning tips and tricks;
  • Some concepts about persuasion and influence;
  • And more. 


Get in touch!

I know that there’s so much we could learn about the human brain. So, if you have any ideas you might want to share, we’d love to hear them! Or if you have any questions, send us a message here. 

We’d be so happy to hear from you! 


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