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How to Move Forward During Trying Times and Win Your Battles


If you’re going through a difficult time, you probably want to know how to move forward. This post will give you some advice on how to live your life when the going gets tough.

Challenging life situations can derail even the best of us. Things don’t always go according to plan, and we tend to get stuck in the mire of negativity and anxiety. 

But the truth is, it’s up to us to choose how we respond when things aren’t going our way. We have a choice about what we do next. And whether you’re facing a challenging situation or feeling overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life, there are ways to move forward. 

The most important thing is to remember that no matter how hard things may be right now, they will get better, and you’ll get to enjoy a better quality of life. At the end of the day, the only way to move forward is to keep moving forward, no matter how tough it gets. 

Read on to learn more about some tips on how to move forward during trying times: 

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3 things to say to yourself when you’re in a tough spot. 

how to move forward during trying times

Finding and saying the right words is one of the best ways to move forward during trying times. The right words can help convince your brain that you control the situation, even if you feel you aren’t. 

How to move forward during trying times… using words? Here’s a list of things you can say to yourself to help you change your perspective and think more positively: 

  • “Yet”

Saying “I cannot do it” is very different from “I cannot do it yet.” By adding the word “yet,” you acknowledge the fact that you might be in this situation now, but you will get through it at some point. 


  • “Get to”

“I have to do it” is also way different from “I get to do it.” It gives you the perspective that instead of a task being a responsibility, it is an opportunity! Instead of viewing it as a very negative circumstance, you get to view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 


  • “And”

Using “and” instead of “but” is a way of affirming your abilities. 

For example, “I want to get through this, but it is difficult” is not very motivating. Better yet, say, “I want to go through this, and I am willing to do it no matter what.” 

The latter expresses hope and optimism – allowing you to think and do better. 


13 Tips on How to Move Forward During Trying Times

 It is never easy to move forward when life isn’t going your way, but it can be done. In case you’re wondering what steps you can take on how to move forward during these trying times, here are a few ideas: 

1. Process your feelings. 

how to move forward in difficult times

When faced with challenging situations, most people tend to run away and hide from the problem. But you don’t have to. 

Instead, try to be still and process your emotions. Ask yourself, how are you feeling? What makes you sad and demotivated? 

By acknowledging how you feel, you’ll give yourself a chance to understand why you’re having trouble moving forward. This will allow you to find solutions to problems and improve your outlook. 


2. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

You may feel like a failure for not accomplishing anything during hard times, but there’s always another day. There are many reasons why we fail, and you shouldn’t blame yourself. Instead, look back at what went wrong and figure out how you could have done better and do better next time.

You should also remember that every failure teaches us something new about ourselves. It’s an opportunity for you to do better and be better. 


3. Explore coping strategies using your senses. 

i don't know how to move forward

You will be surprised at how much your senses could help you cope with trying times. Instant relief through your senses could come in many forms, such as a warm bath, a scent of a candle, or even a delightful afternoon tea, and many more.

Remember, the more engaged your senses are, the easier it will be for you to find solutions and relief amidst the situation. So go ahead, give yourself a little tender loving care and treat yourself to those little luxuries. A little can definitely go a long way. 


4. Embrace a habit of gratitude.

When you focus on all the positive aspects of your life, you’ll be motivated to make changes that bring you closer to achieving your goals. Embracing a habit of gratitude is one of the best ways to move forward during trying times. 

If you focus too much on your past or future, it can be easy to lose sight and focus on what you truly need to focus on. By having an attitude of gratitude, you’re allowing yourself to be more mindful of the present so you will notice the small details that you might otherwise miss. 

In other words, gratitude helps you see things differently; it allows you to appreciate everything around you. Gratitude also helps you stay focused on the present moment. 


5. Don’t let fear paralyze you. 

Fear is our natural response to uncertainty, and it’s normal for us to feel fear. But fear shouldn’t be keeping you from doing anything worthwhile. So, go ahead, gather every ounce of courage so you can move forward during these trying times.

6. Do good for others.

how to move forward in life

Doing good for others is another excellent way to move forward during trying moments. It doesn’t matter whether you volunteer your time or donate money. The main thing is that you’re helping others who need it. 

Helping others is not only rewarding, but it also gives you a sense of purpose. Giving back to society is a powerful motivator, especially when you know that you’ve helped someone else. Besides, doing good for others will help you build self-esteem and confidence. 


7. Love yourself more. 

Loving yourself means accepting who you are and appreciating your strengths and weaknesses. 

If you’ve been struggling with self-esteem issues, this is the perfect opportunity to work on improving your confidence. The more confident you are, the more capable you become of handling any challenges that arise.

So go ahead and love yourself. After all, you deserve it!

8. Stand back and reflect. 

One of the most important things you can do during trying times is to take a step back from everything else to be able to keep perspective during trying times. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the situation, it may be helpful to take some time off from social media, news sites, and any other sources of information that might be triggering stress responses.

If you find yourself struggling with the whole process, it may be helpful to consider life coaching or talk to a professional so they can help you process your emotions and reflect.

9. Consider all your options.

how to move forward from the past

If you look really close to any situation, including the one you’re facing right now, you’ll realize that there are usually multiple ways to solve problems. You just need to think outside the box and consider different approaches.

That’s why you need to look at your options once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Don’t limit yourself by only considering the obvious choices. Think about other possibilities that you haven’t considered yet.


10. Don’t hold on to what doesn’t work. 

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially if you do not see results from your current approach. If you’ve tried everything else, it may be time to try something new. The key is to keep things simple and focus on what works. 

And if you feel like you need to change direction completely, then do it. But before you jump into anything new, make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and energy on something that won’t help you reach your goal. 


11. Don’t be afraid to change, evolve, and start over when you need to.

Sometimes we need to let go of our old habits and embrace new ones. Sometimes we need to give up our comfort zone and explore new territory. And sometimes, we need to start over again.

But no matter how many times you need to start, remember that it’s never too late to begin anew. So don’t worry about being afraid to change. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to move forward during trying moments.


12. Take action!  

how to move forward in life when you feel stuck

Once you have managed to clear your head and decided on a course of action, then there’s nothing left but to implement it!

Don’t let procrastination stop you from moving forward. Make a plan and stick to it. And remember: there’s no such thing as failure when working towards a goal. Failure is simply feedback that tells us we need to improve and persevere even more. 

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13. Be patient. 

The road to success isn’t always an easy one. It takes time for everything to unfold. So don’t expect overnight results. Patience will pay off in the long run.

So, if everything else fails, be patient, and persevere even more. Soon enough, you’ll see results, and your hard work will eventually pay off.


How to Move Forward During Trying Times: Your Questions Answered

We know you have many questions about how to move forward during trying times. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of answers to some of those most frequently asked questions.


What’s the best way to deal with difficult situations?

what it takes to move forward

There’s no magic formula or secret recipe for dealing with tough times. What matters is taking care of yourself first. That means getting plenty of sleep, eating well, exercising regularly, and giving yourself enough time to process your thoughts and emotions.

You can also take advantage of counseling services or therapy sessions to allow you to see what’s actually going on and help you learn how to cope with your feelings. 

If you find that talking helps you better understand yourself and your situation, then, by all means, talk to someone you trust. In addition to helping you relax, spending time with others can also boost your self-esteem. 

If you’re having trouble coping with your stress, then consider taking a break from your day-to-day routine. Go outside and enjoy nature. Or maybe you’d prefer to spend time with friends or family members who support you.

Finally, try not to dwell on negative thoughts. Instead, focus on more positive things, like your goals, hopes, and aspirations in life. By shifting your mindset from negative to a more positive one, you’ll be able to give yourself more “breathing space” and see things from a different perspective. 

How do I get motivated to keep moving forward?

Motivation comes in different forms. Some people thrive on pressure, while others need freedom. If you’re unsure what motivates you, try to explore your innermost desires. Nobody else but you can help you discover them.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, then ask yourself what it is that you really want. Is it money? A new job? To change careers? Then make sure you set realistic goals. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment if you fail to achieve them.


What’s the problem with negative self-talk?

Negative self-talk is self-sabotage. It keeps you stuck in a rut and prevents you from reaching your full potential. That’s why you need to avoid negative self-talk, especially when you’re feeling down.

Instead, focus on what you like about yourself. Think about all of the good qualities you possess. 

Remember that nobody is perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you aren’t perfect. But when you immerse yourself in negative thoughts and self-talk, you’re not preventing yourself from doing anything that could help you move forward. And when you do so, it becomes even easier to fall into old habits. 

So don’t let negative thoughts control your life. Keep your focus on the positive aspects of yourself, and you’ll avoid sabotaging yourself.


What’s the best way to get rid of negative beliefs?

how to move forward when you feel stuck

Negative beliefs can cause you to live an unhappy life. It can also affect your self-esteem and confidence. And in worst cases, they can demotivate you and stop you from taking action. 

So if you are struggling with negative thoughts, it is essential that you learn how to control them. The first step towards this is identifying them and knowing where they come from. If possible, consider life coaching or seek the help of a professional to guide you through the process.

Once you’ve identified your negative beliefs, you can work on changing them. For example, you can replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. You can also use affirmations to build your self-confidence.

Is it true that trying times make you stronger?

The answer is a big YES! 

Challenges can make you stronger in every facet of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As you face challenging situations, you become stronger, braver, and better as a result. 

Getting through trying times is possible so long as you have the right mindset, attitude, and character. It will test and break you, but you will have to emerge stronger and triumphant. 

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Final Thoughts about How to Move Forward During Trying Times

As you can see, there are many ways to move forward during trying times. But whatever method you choose, remember to take care of yourself. Take breaks whenever needed. Spend quality time with loved ones. And finally, focus on loving yourself more. And once you do, I’m pretty sure that you can overcome the obstacles that life throws at you, and find the motivation to continue moving forward even during the most trying times. 

I hope today’s post about how to move forward during trying times helped you. Please share it with your friends and family members who might benefit from it. Thanks for reading!

how to move forward and win your battles


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