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Creative Expression in 8 Ways: Which Type are You?


It’s easy to get caught up in the concept of “creative expression” and the idea that it’s a totally subjective thing. Learn more here.

Do you ever question whether you’re truly a creative person? Do you often find yourself struggling with creative expression? Or have you made up your mind and decided that you’re just an ordinary person devoid of creativity?

If you’re asking the same questions, hold your horses because this post will change your life. For starters, there’s no such thing as a non-creative human. 

I know. I know. 

It might come as a surprise for you, but each one of us has some form of creativity within us. 

Did I get your attention? Great. 

Read on so you could uncover the power that lies hidden within you. 


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Finding Your Creative Expression

Most of us assume that we know what it means to be creative. But the truth is that we may not be so sure.

We often think that creatives are only those who could paint, play music, dance, or write. But the truth of the matter is — that isn’t always the case. 

You may not have those skills, but there’s a chance that your creativity is a resource that’s only waiting to be uncovered. 

Because after all, creativity is among the few traits that make us human. There are eight creative expression types — each with its strengths, weaknesses, and unique challenges.  The question is: what kind of creative expression is ideal for your unique personality? 

Discover what type of creative you are and find out what makes you tick. 

The “Creative Types” Test and the Creative Expression

The Creative Types test is the product of a collaboration between:

  • Adobe
  • Anyways (a creative agency)
  • Several UK designers and developers, and 
  • Carolyn Gregoire, a Brooklyn-based writer and co-author of the book “Wired to Create: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind”

The Creative Types Test aims to identify a person’s “core personality.” As of this writing, it only consists of 15 simple questions. 

After taking the test, a person is categorized into one of 8 creative types: Artist, Thinker, Adventurer, Maker, Producer, Dreamer, Innovator, and Visionary.

Each type’s test result discusses a person’s “creative strength” and “untapped potential.” It also suggests an “ideal collaborator,” referring to the creative type with whom the test-taker could be most compatible or would work best with.

Let’s get to know more about each type!

Creative Expression of the 8 Creative Types 

Here is a general overview of the different creative types, based on the test:

1. The Artist

creative artist

The test describes The Artist as a person who is filled with ideas and visions. 

This person is driven by the need to create and possesses the ability to bring these ideas to life. 

The Artist can be “totally fearless” in creative expression and in coming up with works that inspire and truly speak to others. They have a “strong aesthetic orientation” and usually prefer to work alone.

In a nutshell, The Artist is all about “seeing beauty, creating beauty.” Artists are most compatible with Producers, which we will discuss more next. 

2. The Producer

creative expression producer

Among all the creative types, The Producer is the exemplary “doer.” 

Producers are unique because they can balance productivity with purpose, combining creativity and realism with a “Let’s get it done!” attitude. 

Producers are goal-oriented and results-driven, with strong leadership skills. They are natural organizers, too. They possess a strong work ethic, with the ability to remain calm and focused amid challenges. 

According to the test, The Producer’s “ideal collaborator” is The Dreamer.

3. The Dreamer 

creative expression dreamer

As the term suggests, The Dreamer is the quintessential idealist – emotional, empathetic, intuitive, and with a vivid imagination. 

Dreamers possess a great “inner world” of thoughts, feelings, and fantasies. Where other people see “facts and figures,” The Dreamer sees hidden meanings, symbols, and ideas that could only come from having an imaginative mind!

By tapping into his/her unique strengths, The Dreamer has the potential to turn dreams into reality, especially if he/she can collaborate with The Innovator.

4. The Innovator

creative expression innovator

Move, shake, disrupt, repeat…

That’s the unofficial mantra for Innovators — at least according to the test. 

Innovators are referred to as pioneers or trailblazers as they are often the ones who thrive on generating ideas and coming up with innovative solutions.

The Innovator is constantly thinking of new, better ways of doing things and is not afraid of change and adaptation. According to the test, Innovators can “light the way into the future,” especially if they team up with Makers. 


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5. The Maker

creative expression maker

Of all the creative types, the Maker is probably the most hard-working. 

Having strong focus and dedication, each Maker is keen on solving problems, reaching goals, and completing projects. 

As the name implies, the Maker usually develops tools, systems, and structures that other people use.

Makers are usually “quiet types,” often preferring to work alone — though there are times when they might open themselves up to collaboration. According to the test, the Maker’s “ideal collaborator” would be the Visionary.

6. The Visionary

the visionary

Visionaries are full of ideas and have a vivid imagination. 

They believe the world is full of infinite possibilities and sees potential almost everywhere!

Visionaries like to push limits while keeping a balance between intuition and rational action. 

Charismatic, expressive, and always eager to share ideas with others, Visionaries are most compatible with Thinkers.

7. The Thinker

the thinker

The Thinker, who is motivated by intellectual curiosity, is described by the test as “the perpetual student” — and for a good reason: 

Thinkers are always seeking opportunities to learn, discover, and quench a seemingly insatiable thirst for knowledge. 

Having an active “inner world,” The Thinker can find meaning, make connections, and come up with new ideas.

Each Thinker has the potential to bring such ideas to life, especially if they collaborate with Adventurers.

8. The Adventurer

the adventurer

Passionate, enthusiastic, expressive, and full of creative energy, The Adventurer has a seemingly insatiable curiosity as well. 

Not easily satisfied with mere ideas, Adventurers like to act and pursue things — be it a new hobby, interest, artistic project, or area of study. 

The Adventurer is also a fast learner, a “Renaissance” person who could become an expert in multiple fields. In addition to that, they are natural performers, too, with the ability to inspire and share creative expressions with others. 

According to the test, the “ideal collaborator” for The Adventurer would be The Artist. 


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So, which creative are you? 

Artist, Producer, Dreamer, Innovator, Maker, Visionary, Thinker, Adventurer — these are the eight creative types! 

Keep in mind, though, that these “labels” are not clear-cut. One can be an Artist and Visionary, a Dreamer and Maker, or both a Thinker and Producer. The test is simply there to help identify a person’s “core personality” — the dominant trait above all other characteristics.

Also, while the test suggests an “ideal collaborator” for each creative type, we need not be limited by these pairings. Moreover, your creative style may change over time. You could be an Adventurer now and become an Innovator after taking the taking test sometime in the future! 

One thing remains true, though. Everyone has a creative type. 

Are you interested to know yours? If so, take the test and find out!


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  1. I like your methods here! I’d say I’m a mix between thinker and adventurer. Although I don’t do a lot of thinking! It’s a tough one, this. Because no doubt we all see ourselves within all 8? Nice work!

    • That’s true, we have all 8, but there are a few that really stand out. Mine is dreamer! Yours is an interesting mix indeed! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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