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The Mind is Everything: What You Think You Become


Wondering how you can change your thought process to a positive and productive one? Learn the science behind “What You Think, You Become.”

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. 

Perhaps this is one of the most powerful ideas you could ever consider, especially if you are trying to enhance your life. 

Scientists, psychologists, religious figures, and philosophers say that your brain holds the supreme power to change your life. The sooner you realize the power of your mind, the sooner you can change the way you plan your life. 

Let’s talk briefly about a close friend who failed at least a couple of times trying to sustain her business. 

She started with online selling five years ago, and it failed. Once more, she tried doing it after two years, investing her hard-earned money as her capital, and it failed yet again! 

let good thoughts come

Imagine her sadness and disappointment! But then she never gave up. 

Once again, she came up with another idea: start another online store in the middle of a pandemic. Her brain told her that it is something that she can now fully do because she is forced to stay at home due to circumstances. 

Lo and behold! Her business flourished. Though she failed a few times before, she did not let her past experiences hinder her from dreaming and pursuing her ideals. 

But that’s just one example of how powerful the mind can be. If you look deep into other people’s success stories, you will discover that their mindset played a crucial role in their success.

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. So, how can this idea be true in your life? Why is it so powerful that it can re-invent your way of thinking and improve your life further? 

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Choose your thoughts wisely because they might turn into reality!

your thoughts create reality

When you think of the right thoughts, your brain slowly — yet logically — translates your ideas into plans, then plans into actions. 

Just like dreaming, no one can control your thoughts — except you. It is you alone who can change such thoughts from the ordinary to something grand. 

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. This powerful secret of the mind is the founding stone of the successful.

All of them began with a dream. The successful thought about their aspirations consistently, nurtured the ideas, and acted upon those based on how they visualized them in their minds. They had their share of downs, too, but in the long run, they became successful. 

And you could do the same thing, too. 

When you are faced with doubts and fears, remember that whatever it is you allow to linger in your mind might just become a reality. 

Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve. So, choose your thoughts very wisely. 

Ignite your imagination because the mind is everything – what you think you become.

you think you become imagination

Your thoughts may be limited by what is around you. 

For example, you may be seeing a challenging work environment filled with unsupportive people. You might think that you cannot reach your dreams because you are in this unfavorable environment. 

As a result of this thinking, you limit your capabilities and dreams just because your mind formed a negative context out of your current situation. 

Again, the mind is everything — what you think, you become. 

do what you think

You need to be creative in imagining how you could achieve your goals in spite and despite everything! 

Allow your imagination to work, for it will lead you to ways on how you could move forward. 

The sooner it is that you break such barriers that limit you, the better it will be for you. 

With the mere fact that your brain can imagine, visualize and plan it, there will always be a way to turn it into reality. The challenge now is for you to do something about it. 

Ready to make a change for the better? Ignite your imagination to discover limitless opportunities in your life. 

Re-examine the foundational thoughts of your character. 

you feel you attract

If you’re looking for science as a foundation for the idea of what you think you become, then cognitive-behavioral psychology is where you need to look. 

There is tremendous power in thoughts. It is the power your brain holds in shaping you into the kind of person you’ve been nurturing in your mind. 

If you’ve been conditioning your mind that you are a successful person in the making, then the brain will do whatever it can to open up opportunities for you. In time, all your aspirations and actions will be tuned towards shaping your life. 

Psychologically speaking, you have to pay close attention to what you allow to linger in your mind. 

Are you kind to yourself? 

Are you gentle? 

Are you a positivist? 

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are doing it right. If not, then it is time for you to re-calibrate and re-invent your way of thinking. 

what you think you attract

Ideas and thoughts are living in your mind “rent-free” like a tenant. 

Ask yourself these questions:

What kind of landlord/landlady are you? 

Do you simply accept whoever wishes to live in your property (brain)? 

Do you screen your tenants so that you can be assured that they would bring good tidings in your life? 

I sincerely hope that you answered yes to these questions — because whatever it is that you have in your mind, it will soon manifest. 

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Let your brain drive your ideas!

you are what you think

It was Buddha, also known as Siddharta Gautama, who introduced the idea that the mind has supreme power. 

Accordingly, the mind is everything. Becoming, attracting, and creating are the three stages of how your mind creates your destiny. In other words, whatever you think about consistently attracts energy. 

I know some people who dreamt of successes but never really acted upon them. As a result, their ideas remained as “just” ideals. They did not do anything to explore it further. 

More so, they did not allow their mind to reflect fully on their ideals – they failed to translate their brain energy into plans, much less, actions. 

If you’d like to achieve your dreams and be successful, let your brain drive your ideas and act upon them – because your thoughts hold the secrets to your success. 

You become what you think. The decision is yours to make. 

Choosing your thoughts wisely, igniting your imagination, allowing your psychological perspective to be explored, and letting your brain drive your ideas are just some ways to utilize and maximize the power of your brain. 

In what direction are you heading now based on your thoughts? When do you plan to begin changing the direction of your thoughts? What changes would you like to make now that you know the supreme power that lies within your mind?

 Let us know your thoughts below!

the mind is everything what you think you become


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12 thoughts on “The Mind is Everything: What You Think You Become”

  1. Good story about your friend’s multiple attempts at an online business – she learned from each of her experiences – she got better at doing business – and on her third attempt, she maybe tried a better type of business. Iterative improvements.

    • Absolutely. I wrote this because I have another friend who’s too scared to do something new, and always questions her capacity. Although she’s really smart and all – but she refuses to believe it!

      But I agree, it’s a journey. One way or another, we’ll get to rediscover ourselves soon enough. I just hope this other friend of mine will be able to get over her limiting beliefs real soon.

  2. It was a pleasant surprise to come across your post. I’ve been making more of an intentional effort to control my input, affirm myself, and act on those affirmative thoughts. Your excerpt, “Allow your imagination to work, for it will lead you to ways on how you could move forward,” reminds me of what a close mentor of mine is always saying “be a solution seeker.” Overall, I am glad I discovered your webpage and work. I hope to connect if ever possible. Great stuff!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Freddie!

      I wrote this blog so I could help creatives (writers, artists, solution-seekers – and everybody else) discover the best version of themselves by making simple tweaks here and there. I’m happy I could help you in my own little ways!

  3. Such relatable lessons and stories! I was stuck in a massive rut last year and I knew I had to change my thoughts. I feel like I’ve been living some of what you are talking about, but reading this post has really solidified it in my mind, so thank you! I’m starting a new job on Monday and sometimes with my nerves I’ve been falling back into the trap of “What if I don’t do well” etc and you are totally right, you become what you think! So now I need to focus on thinking I will be a star! Great article and blog!

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