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6 Bubbly Personality Traits That Help Convey Cheer


Others love being around a person with a bubbly personality. They’re fun, and easy-to-be-with. So, what would it take for you to be one?

Do you have any of these bubbly personality traits?

The word “bubbly” is often used to describe people who are friends with almost everyone. 

They are outgoing, lively, energetic, vibrant, and full of enthusiasm. But being bubbly is more than just being talkative and social. 

That’s why in this article, I will discuss and break down the various personality traits of bubbly people and how you can transform your own personality into one.

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6 of the Most Common Bubbly Personality Traits

bubbly personality traits

What makes a person “bubbly”?

There are a lot of ways to tell but these 6 bubbly personality traits are some of the most common telltale signs.

If you exhibit the following traits, then most likely you’re one! 

1. You enjoy talking.

bubbly personality means

Love talking about almost anything, with almost anyone? 

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, talking to co-workers, or meeting new people, you have no qualms about striking up conversations. In most gatherings and parties, you are usually the center of attention!

2. You love to make people laugh.

how to have a bubbly personality

You have a sunny disposition, and you like to have fun! You love to make people laugh by telling jokes and funny stories. 

Above all, you have a great sense of humor, and you’re usually able to make light of even the most serious situations.

3. You like to use body language.

is a bubbly personality a good thing

You usually have a bright smile on your face and often use body language to communicate. When you tell a story, you make eye contact, hand gestures, and other movements that hold others’ attention. 

Because of these small gestures, people generally find you charming and interesting. Your body language indicates that you are a happy person, which is very appealing and also contagious!

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4. You are friendly and approachable.

bubbly personality meaning

You make friends easily, and you are at ease in most social situations. You’re not afraid to introduce yourself, and you know how to strike a conversation, even if it’s with somebody you barely know! 

To other people, you appear friendly and approachable to the extent that they feel comfortable in your presence.

5. You don’t mind getting embarrassed.

bubbly personality attractive

In your excitement, you may sometimes come off as clumsy – but this doesn’t bother you at all. You are funny, and people enjoy your company. 

6. You are optimistic!

think positive

Your mind is filled with positive thoughts because you prefer to look at the bright side. 

Sure, just like any other person, you sometimes feel down as well. But most of the time, you don’t let the negative emotions bother you. Instead, you focus on more positive things. 

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How to Develop Bubbly Personality Traits. Here are 12 Ways.

Does the idea of developing bubbly personality traits appeal to you? 

Would you like to become a more bubbly person? 

If your answer is yes, here are some things you can do to cultivate your very own bubbly personality traits:

1. Shake hands with people you meet.

friendly and cheery

Shaking hands with people, especially those you just met, is a sign of friendliness and goodwill. 

It’s like a non-verbal way of saying, “Nice to meet you. Let’s be friends.” 

When you shake hands with someone, don’t forget to make eye contact. This shows that you are sincerely acknowledging the other person and that you would like to know more about them. 

2. Say people’s names whenever you greet them.

Make a point of stating someone else’s name once or twice before introducing yourself when you meet them for the first time. 

Likewise, whenever you see friends, colleagues, or acquaintances — state their names as you greet them as well. 

People appreciate it when you say their names! It means that you remember them, you care about them, and you’re pleased to see them.

3. Smile!

happy with friends

“Smile and the world smiles with you,” as the old saying goes. 

And this could be true because smiling truly is contagious! 

Think about it. When you see someone smiling at you, doesn’t it make you want to smile, too? 

Study after study has shown that even if you are feeling sad, the simple act of smiling will lift your mood, little by little. 

So smile often, and other people will be happier around you.

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4. Make an effort to look good.

look good to feel good

Do you know how some people head to the salon when they’re feeling a little down? 

After getting a new haircut or having their nails done, they feel better and more relaxed. This is because looking good can help you feel good, too. 

When you take time grooming, like the simple act of fixing your hair, putting on makeup, or wearing flattering clothes, you feel more confident, more attractive, and generally more positive throughout the day.

5. Stand up straight.

Aside from looking your best, be sure to maintain good posture as well. 

Straighten up, pull your shoulders back and carry yourself proudly. This will not only enhance your appearance but also make you feel more confident wherever you go.

6. Make small talk.

engage in small talk

“Do you like music?” is a good question to ask anyone, even someone you just met. 

Most likely, the other person would be happy to talk about their favorite songs. 

Small talk can be anything and not just about music. 

So, be creative and discuss almost anything; share your ideas, exchange stories and opinions. Engaging in conversation is another great way to express your personality.

7. Prepare a list of things to talk about.

Starting and maintaining good conversations, even if it’s just “small talk,” usually takes practice. If you do not know where to begin, you may want to start by coming up with a “topic list”. 

Topics could be anything: some interesting trivia you heard on TV, a funny experience that you had, the latest popular movies, and more. Also, you can’t go wrong with discussing “favorites” — favorite food, favorite book, favorite places to visit. People enjoy talking about their favorite things!

8. Make new friends.

make new friends

Everybody needs friends — people that you can talk to, ask for advice, or simply have fun and hang out with. It’s also a great idea to make new friends from time to time. 

When you sign up for a class, for example, get to know your classmates. It could be the start of life-long friendships!

9. Try something new.

learn something new

Bubbly people are also passionate people — and they could be passionate about anything — be it a hobby, an academic pursuit, a social cause, or a project of some kind. 

Usually, we discover our “passions” when we try something new. 

So go ahead, try cooking that new recipe.

Or, take up a new sport. Learn another language. Start a business. 

Whenever you try something new, you will be motivated to learn, practice, create, and connect with other people who share your interests.

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10. Focus on the positive.

Whatever the situation, strive to focus on the positive. 

Stuck in traffic? Play your favorite song on the music player. 

Worried about an exam you’ve just taken? Shrug it off and simply hope for the best because you certainly did your best. 

It takes practice to be “optimistic,” especially if you tend to worry a lot. But again, focus on the bright side, and you will find that being positive is a great approach to facing life’s challenges, both big and small.

11. Be thankful.

be grateful

Bubbly people are usually happy people. But do you know the secret of happiness? 


When you’re thankful, you begin to appreciate the things that you already have. 

So, go ahead. Appreciate what you have. 

If this seems overwhelming, keeping a gratitude journal where you list five things you are grateful for every day may help.

Finished an important project? Be thankful!

Passed your driver’s license test? Great! Be thankful!

Planned a successful birthday party for a friend? Awesome! Be thankful!

By thinking about these things, you will feel better and develop a more grateful and cheery attitude. 

12. Take care of yourself.

take care of yourself more

In a world where people are always in a hurry, it is easy to forget about taking time to care for ourselves. 

As a result, we become more susceptible to sickness and unnecessary stress. And when we’re not feeling well, it’s almost impossible to feel cheerful and bubbly. 

So, if you want to maintain a happy personality, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make time every day to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. 

Eat healthy and fresh foods, exercise regularly, and even maintain a “beauty regimen.” 

Don’t miss sleep, too. And if you have a chance, meditate and do some breathing exercises. 

Because here’s the thing: caring for your mind and body can go a long way. It can help you live a meaningful life in the long run. 

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Ready to show your bubbly personality?  

are you a ray of sunshine

As you can see, being a bubbly person involves making friends, taking care of yourself, and doing things that make you happy. It’s not just about personality but also about having a healthy and positive attitude. 

Fortunately, being “bubbly” can be learned and practiced. By trying out the above tips, you can be on your way towards becoming a brighter, happier, and “bubblier” person.

Got something to say? 

Let’s hear them out! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  2. I just want to add one point regarding the personality traits that the environment in which you have grown up also plays an enormous role in how you become and behave as you grow older. Nevertheless, good food for thought.

  3. I love this. It gonna be my next podcast episode support which is exactly what i was looking for. Being the true you even if it can annoy cold souls, is the best happiness we can accomplish. While, those may love “ the bubbly personality” that i am actually, many will be annoyed to be around someone who seems to look for attention in their eyes.

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