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18 Ways on How to Focus Only on Your Goals and Win!


When goals are set, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of steps it takes to reach them. But the truth is, the majority of people never actually finish what they start. So what’s the key to completing your goals?

There is a lot of information out there about how to focus only on your goals. But it’s not always an easy thing to do. 

You probably asked: how to focus only on your goals and achieve them faster? 

There are many different ways to do this, so we’ve outlined some of the most common and helpful methods. Read on below to find out how to focus only on your goals and get them done faster.

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1) Understand why you do what you do.

how to keep focus on your goals

First and foremost, you need to understand your goals. And that begins with understanding why you are working on those specific goals. 

Think about what these all-important goals mean to you and what they mean in the grand scheme of your life.

After all, it’s challenging to focus on something if you don’t even know why you are doing it. So take a bit of time and try to truly understand how achieving your life goals will make a difference in the long run.


2) Identify what your goals are and make them specific.

Next, before you even think about doing anything, you need to define your ultimate goal. Life is not all about hard work or money, or success, or career; many other aspects make a difference in the long run.

So make sure to identify what those are for yourself, and then make them specific. Don’t just say, “I want to be rich and successful” – that’s too broad and vague! 

Define what specific things those goals mean for you.


3) Understand that there is more than one way to stay focused on your goals.

how to always focus on your goals

No matter what life goal you have set out for yourself, there will be multiple ways to get there. 

For example, some goals are more long-term in nature. Other goals might be short-term, and you won’t achieve them without a little bit of work.

So try to understand this aspect as well. Even if something is difficult, there will still be other methods that might lead you to your goal much quicker.


4) Make a list of all the things that can distract you from your goal.

This is very important – you need to identify what can distract you from your goals. 

A reliable journal will come in handy when it comes to this as well. Fill that journal with every single thing that could distract you from your goal, and then review it on a daily basis to see what’s still holding you back.

Once you have identified the things stopping you from staying focused on goals and priorities, try to figure out how much time each of them takes up. You can also put this information into an Excel document so that you can access it whenever you like. 


5) Create a list of all the things that motivate you to achieve your goal.

how to focus on a goal and achieve it

This is an essential list as well. It would be helpful for you to understand what motivates you to work towards your goals. For example, do you find the thought of achieving your goals more motivating than the reward which comes after?

What about the fact that there are ambitious people who look up to you because of your achievements?

Or maybe it’s just the fact that it makes everything else in life easier and more enjoyable? 

If these things motivate you, then at least make a note of them.


6) Establish milestones, and create a plan on how you can achieve each one. 

One of the main aspects of achieving your goals is to have milestones. Milestones are smaller goals that help you achieve your larger goal. 

Establishing milestones and creating a plan on achieving each one can increase your all-important focus and motivation. It will also remind you that you are on the right track towards achieving your goal.


7) Establish the habit of blocking out time for accomplishing tasks.  

This is also a crucial habit to have. It is one thing to say you need to accomplish tasks, but it’s something else when you actually do it. 

Create a daily schedule for how you will accomplish your goals, and then block out at least 20-30 minutes of your time every day in which you will focus only on achieving your goals.


8) Create the habit of tackling one task at a time.  

how to focus only on your goals

Sometimes we tend to be so overwhelmed by our goals or tasks that we start avoiding the very goal which is supposed to make us successful. 

Instead of saying, ‘I will do everything I need to do today,’ why not pick one task to focus on? 

Do the same thing for the rest of your task list once you have completed that task.

This way, you are making sure that you stay on track. You’re also giving yourself the motivation to stay focused for a period of time. 


9) Optimize your work area and make it conducive for doing “deep work time.” 

To create the habit of deep work, you must create the condition that is best for it. 

How to focus only on your goals? Start with these two rules:

Rule 1: Assign an area where you can call your work zone. 

staying focused on goals and priorities

The idea here is to create an area that is dedicated to Deep Work and make sure that it has all the resources needed to complete your tasks: 

  • The zone is quiet and distraction-free.
  • This area must also be a place where you can concentrate for extended periods; this means there should be no TV, no cell phone, no music, etc. You should focus on whatever you are doing in this place 100% of the time without any distraction or interruption.
  • You should have very little non-work-related activity (or none at all) in this place as possible.
  • It should be clean and orderly at all times so that you can maximize your work efficiency. 


Rule 2: Establish the habit of spending at least one hour a day in this dedicated zone. 

Block a few hours to focus on completing your work and do this on a daily basis. Remember to avoid noise or any kind of distraction as well. 

If you are not entirely comfortable with this rule, try to do it just one or two hours every single day. Get used to the idea of staying in your special work zone and deep work time without any distractions and then gradually increase the amount of time you spend there each day.

You might be thinking that your work will suffer by doing so since it will take less time than before to complete what you are supposed to do. But, in the long run, it will help you perform better because you will develop your mental focus when it comes to doing your deep work. This will make you more productive and able to do high-quality work by maximizing your time and effort.


10) Try out different productivity techniques and see which ones work for you. 

To achieve your goals, you need to stay focused and concentrate for more extended periods. There are many different techniques that you can use to accomplish this, but you won’t have an idea which ones will work best for you until you try them out.


Pomodoro Technique

how to focus on your goals and avoid distractions

One method that works well for most successful people is the Pomodoro Technique. This is where every work session is split into four intervals: 20 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break (25 minutes total). 

Repeat this cycle until you have finished your task. 


Eat the Frog

stay focused on your goals

Another productivity technique, called “eat the frog,” is all about working with the most challenging tasks first thing in the morning. Eat That Frog! Author and productivity consultant, Brian Tracy, recommends completing whatever task you feel most uncomfortable or anxious about first before moving on to other tasks.


The Eisenhower Matrix

When you need to make a tough decision, how do you decide what’s best for your business? The Eisenhower matrix is one way of making this choice. It helps people figure out what they should focus on by dividing tasks into four categories: urgent and important, important but not urgent, neither urgent nor important, and finally unimportant but urgent.

Learn more about the Eisenhower Matrix here.

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The Morning Ritual

stay focused on your goals and ignore the noise

The idea behind this “ritual” is for you to perform certain types of activities every morning to improve yourself and increase your productivity throughout the day. 

For example: pray, meditate, think positive thoughts, etc.

There are still many more productivity techniques out there that you may want to explore further. Just remember that no matter what method you apply, never succumb to multi-tasking. Instead, focus on a single task at a time.


10) Communicate your goals with people who care about you. 

Obviously, it would be fantastic if you could get your friends and loved ones on board with your goals. But you don’t have to tell everyone about it. 

Just pick a couple of supportive friends with whom you can share your aspirations with. Let them know what you are trying to accomplish and set up some kind of reward for yourself (and for them, if you like!) when you do achieve it.


11) Learn from past mistakes and failures, but don’t dwell on them.

how to focus on career goals 

In your journey towards success, you will sometimes encounter some setbacks. But the key is not to dwell on those failures and learn from them so you won’t make the same mistakes again.

How to focus only on your goals? Remember the lessons well.


12) Ask for help when you need it, but make sure that you are self-sufficient.

There will be times when you will need help. 

Perhaps you are working on a task, and your colleague can help you complete it faster. Or maybe your significant other or family member can help cheer you on and keep you motivated when things get difficult or tedious. 

If so, go ahead and ask for their support! But in any case, do not let their help prevent you from doing your share.


13) Make sure that the people who know about your goals are those who won’t bring you down.

how to stay focused and motivated in life

It is easy for us to be influenced and distracted by a bunch of people who know that you are trying to reach a goal. If you want to be successful, you have to surround yourself with people who will help encourage and support you in your efforts.

How to focus only on your goals and keep distractions away? Get the right people on board.


14) Keep yourself healthy. 

Your health is one of the most critical factors that will allow you to achieve fulfillment in life. Make sure that you are eating well, getting enough sleep, doing exercises on a regular basis, and going to your doctor’s appointments.


15) Stay in control of both your positive and negative emotions.

focus and strong goals

Positive emotions can help you motivate yourself. However, too much can end up being counterproductive and could lower your motivation.

It’s similar to negative emotions as well. If you don’t keep these emotions in control, they may become a source of distraction or discouragement. So make sure that you know how to control both positive and negative feelings for you to stay productive and on the right path with whatever you are trying to do.


16) Reward yourself when you have achieved certain milestones.

Make sure that you reward yourself when you have reached certain milestones in your life. For example, if you’ve accomplished a big goal such as paying off your debt, then don’t stop there – celebrate! By doing so, you will be motivated to do better for the rest of your milestones. 


17) Remember that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. 

focused on the goal

Here’s the truth: you will make mistakes even when you know how to focus only on your goals. But the good thing is that you can always learn from these mistakes and do better next time. 

Because you see, the key to success is to treat these minor setbacks as stepping stones so you can learn from them and move on to a better, more successful life.


18) Have fun! 

Let’s face it: there’s nothing easy about the journey towards reaching your goals in life. But you can make the adventure a little less rocky by taking the pressure off your shoulders and having fun while you work towards your goals.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the process. One is to treat work as some kind of hobby or fun activity. When you get so immersed in what you do, you’ll be surprised at the things you could accomplish without feeling fatigued. 

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We know that focusing on our goals can be difficult, but it’s the only way to get where we want to go. Even when we do focus on a goal, there are times when other events or circumstances distract us and pull our attention away from what matters. That is why I recommend using any of the tips given above so you can maintain a level of focus more easily. 

Learn how to focus only on your goals, stick to the plan, and do it regularly. Just keep going, and soon enough, you’ll reap the rewards of all your hard work.


How about you? Know some ways on how to focus only on your goals?

how can i focus and achieve my goal

What else would help make your journey easier? Do you have tips on how to focus only on your goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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