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19 Beautiful Quotes on Art and Creativity for Aspiring Artists and Creative Minds


As the art world becomes more homogenized, it’s important to remember that creativity is the best way to stand out. These quotes about art and creativity sum up the importance of innovation in any field — and how doing something different is your best chance of success.

Are you an artist? Or aspiring to be one? If you have a true passion and vision for the arts, you can make your mark in the world. You don’t even have to be the next Picasso or Michaelangelo to do so! If you want to ignite your passion and creativity, read on because we compiled 19 beautiful quotes on art and creativity to keep your creative juices flowing. 

How Does Art Work?

art and creativity quotes

Admittedly, this is a challenging question as it leads to a host of interesting and varied answers. One thing is certain: you can find the answer in the work itself.

Let’s take an oil painting, for instance. If you want to understand how this particular artwork affects people, you might want to consider a few things, like: 

Why did the painter paint it? 

Was it based on a moral belief? A challenging thought, maybe? 

Or was it made to elevate the visual experience?

Is there a story that’s hidden in it? 

Are there analogies that are waiting to be uncovered? 

As you move deeper in your creative journey, you will soon discover that the greatest artworks are the most impactful pieces. When experienced on a deeper level, these inanimate objects can move people, challenge the status quo, or even change people’s lives. 

Read on and learn from the wisdom of established and renowned artists through our collection of quotes on art and creativity.

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What is art and creativity for most people? 

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When you mention the word “art,” what comes to your mind first? Is it an image of a painting? Or is it the sculpture of a great artist?

Art and creativity are two concepts that are sometimes hard to define. However, they are things that most people feel they understand. 

Why? Because we all have our own distinct opinions about what constitutes a piece of art. We all relate to it in different ways. 

If you’re not convinced, go ahead and ask a random person on the street about art and creativity, and they’ll probably have an opinion about it. 

But if there’s anything we can all agree on, art and creativity can come in any form – be it a painting, a song, or an article. 

How do you inspire art?


We’re humans. We’ve all been inspired by art at some point in our lives. Whether it was a movie, a piece of music, a book, a painting, or a sculpture, art has made its way into each of our lives in one way or another.

But there’s more to art than just a basic understanding of beauty and aesthetics. For people who truly understand art, including artists, art can be a way to express feelings. It can be an effective outlet for creative expression as well. 

So, in a way, the question ‘how can you inspire art’ is like asking: ‘how can you inspire yourself?’ 

Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to inspire you or anybody else to start creating your piece of art. You need to figure it out for yourself because each one of us is different. 

But it shouldn’t be too hard, though, especially if you have a clear understanding of your inner self. 

Because inspiration is everywhere — it’s just a matter of opening your eyes and seeing things in a more different way than you used to. 

How do you inspire art? 

Don’t take my word for it, though. Learn from the wise words of accomplished artists through these quotes on art and creativity. 

Art can be a form of self-expression.

quotes on art and creativity

If you’ve been working on your craft for a while, you probably know by now that art is an outlet for our thoughts, creativity, and emotions for many people. 

Every artist has a unique way of expressing his feelings through painting, drawing, sculpture, or any other form of art. Nobody can explain the feelings artists have, but the most expressive artists can tell stories through their art – just like a book.

The main purpose of art is not to be seen and admired though, but to express creativity and to communicate. In some cases, to teach things and to inspire others. 

How to Find Your Creative Self: Quotes on Art and Creativity

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Understanding art isn’t always easy, much less creating an impactful one. But art and creativity have been ingrained in us and have become an integral part of human lives. 

We all want to be creative, but many of us have problems being creative in our life. Being creative is important, but it is also something that comes through practice. Many people have a hard time getting started because they don’t know how and because they struggle with fear.

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Let’s face it; creativity is a muscle that requires regular exercise to function at optimal capacity. 

Indeed, many of us have forgotten how to be creative, but since it is instilled in us, we can spark creativity back into life with a little effort. 

Not convinced? 

quotes on art and craft

I’m sure you’ve had a moment recently when you felt your creative juices flowing — prompting you to create something brilliant. It’s your mind trying to tell you to flex your creative muscle. 

When you answer that “call” by creating something, you get to rediscover your creativity. 

Sure, it might take a while, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get at tapping your inner creativity. 

Still not convinced? Learn from the famous artists themselves by pondering on these quotes about art and creativity.

My Inner Creativity is Not Enough. What Should I Do? 

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As you go further into your creative journey, you might find yourself in a creative rut — who doesn’t?

Even the great painters, poets, writers — they all had to deal with being stuck at one point in their lives — and that’s okay.

These greats weren’t so great when they started their journey. They may have the raw talent, drive and tenacity to be successful – but they’re also not infallible. They are things that they don’t know, too. 

quotes on art and painting

But what made these great artists great, aside from the skills they built over time, they continue to build a better version of themselves as they continue to rise above one challenge after another. 

And you can, too. 

When you get stuck, look at your work and your life as a process.

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When you’re stuck in a creative rut, and you need to solve a problem, take a step back and think about how that problem can apply to another area of your life. When it comes to creating your art, constantly ask yourself what you can do differently or what you can learn from the first one to make the second one better – and so on. 

That way, you get to enjoy what you love doing and still be able to make conscious improvements to your work over time. 

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places.

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Many people, when starting out, often get discouraged with their initial results. They often go as far as thinking that they’re not good enough. Or, their ideas aren’t good enough. 

However, the problem with this mindset, even in the field of art and creativity, is that it discourages you from moving forward. 

But the truth is, life is a never-ending journey, and so are your art and creativity. If you don’t take that leap, what difference will you make? The answer is nothing.

Life can get discouraging sometimes, and that’s true. But life has a way of making amends if pay attention. 

Inspiration is all around us all the time, coming from different places and from different people. Just pay attention.

But don’t be too hard on yourself.

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If you feel stuck despite everything that you do, take a break and try something different for a while. 

Rather than getting frustrated over something over and over again, temporarily discard it from your thoughts to give enough space to newer ideas.

Because here’s the thing: sometimes the best ideas will be right in front of our faces. It’s highly likely that frustration is clouding your eyes from seeing the potential in these ideas.

Creativity can be elusive. We know. But if you can’t help but overthink about your craft, try to look into the wisdom of prolific artists, creatives, and writers to seek that elusive artistic inspiration. 

Read on to view more quotes on art and creativity from famous artists:

quotes on creativity

Art and Creativity Motivational Quotes for that Boost of Inspiration

best quotes on art and creativity

If you listen to the words of well-known creatives like Bob Ross, Vincent van Gogh, or Claude Monet, you’ll know that these people are profoundly knowledgeable.

creative quotes

Whether it’s their explorations about what art truly means or presentations of motivational mantras, some of the quotes here can help you become smarter and more creative as an artist. 

creativity quote

And the best thing about creativity is that it’s a powerful resource that’s impossible to deplete. You can tap into it as frequently as you like, as long as you know how to ignite it. 

creativity quotes

Which Art and Creativity Quote is Your Favorite? 

creativity sayings

Many of us pursue our artistic creativity because we love the experience it brings. And consistent practice turns that experience into a burning passion. 

why art matters quotes

Remember what Van Gogh said, “if you love much, you perform much.” 

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So, are you ready to channel your inner Van Gogh? 

Which 3 quotes on art and creativity resonate with you the most? 

Comment below and let us know about it!


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